Penn Salt

 Penn Salt is Central Pennsylvania's best choice as a local supplier of solar salt, pellets, food grade, rock salt and ice melt products.

Our distribution center is centrally located at 1340 Manheim Pike in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

The global salt industry continues to experience unprecedented consolidation. Penn Salt draws from the purchasing resources of our sister company – a salt importer who purchases their salt by the shipload from points of origin around the globe. In the Central Pennsylvania area our salt is brought into the Port of Wilmington, Delaware. Penn Salt secures consistency in cost and availability of salt products for our loyal Customers. 


We’re looking forward to speaking with you!  Call us at (717) 917-6373

We provide the following water conditionig and ice melt products to Customers in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and surrounding areas.

Water Softener Salt (Learn more here)

Solar Salt – bag and bulk
Pellets-regular and anti-iron
Potassium Chloride

Ice Melt (Learn more here)

Halite – bag and bulk
Magnesium Chloride – pellets, flakes or liquid
Calcium Chloride – pellets, flakes or liquid
Premium blends with safety color coating for high visibility

Commercial strength eco-conscious blends

Food grade salt

Pool Salt

Feed mixing salt – bag and bulk

But great products alone aren't enough….


  • Penn Salt deliveries simply arrive on time. Peace of mind you can count on day in and day out.
  • No dock? No problem. Our enclosed trucks protect your product from the elements and are fully equipped with state of the art electric lift gates. Easily maneuverable, electric pallet jacks ensure the sealed pallet is neatly placed where you need it – we do all the work for you!
  • Inventory - Our strategic sourcing ensures a well-stocked warehouse of premium grade water-conditioning salt and ice melt products.
  • Selection – We inventory names you’ve known and trusted for years giving you peace of mind
  • Customer Service Depend on our experienced staff to explain product choices, provide accurate order entry with detailed shipping instructions and ensure shipment of your neatly packaged product on-time from our warehouses. Our relentless pursuit is superb Customer Satisfaction and your complete satisfaction – everyday!
  • Deliveries - Our business is Your Service. Your order will be expedited with speedy precision by one of our uniformed, courteous CDL licensed drivers who truly care about your facility, placing product neatly at your location with pinpoint accuracy. Our drivers consider it a privilege to serve you, our loyal and valued Customers and are an important part of the team that strives to earn your trust each and every day.

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